Crop Production

Types of crop production

Crop Production


Poledelstvo Erdzelija’s work is based  on the use of modern technology and extensive experience in the field of crop production. In addition to the latest innovative technology, Erdzelija has a complete logistic support for post-harvesting activities, consisting of 2 hangars, one closed and one open, 6 warehouses for purchase of cereals and industrial crops, seeds and spare parts for its equipment as well as adequate mechanization for manipulation.

Total Crop Production

In the production of cereals on an area of 1600 hectares, on average, for the last 10 years, the participation of each of the crops in the total production is as follows:

54 hectares are used for the production of corn with an average annual yield of 270kg/ha
280 hectares are used for wheat production with an annual yield of 4202 kg/ha
623 hectares are used for barley production (total winter and spring barley) with an annual yield of 3355 kg/ha
% of Cereal Production from the annual production of industrial products in the Republic of Macedonia
Total tons of cereals produced annually or % of the total crop production
Types of cereal production

Cereal Production


Wheat is the world’s leading source of energy, protein and fiber. The quality of the wheat can be divided into three main groups of botanical (different types and varieties), physical and chemical characteristics. Poledelstvo Erdzelija cultivates – -types of wheat with an annual yield of -% of the total crop production.


Corn is an increasingly important resource in crop production because it is used more and more in addition to human consumption, as well as processing as a raw material in the industry and feeding domestic animals. As a cereal, corn is best managed in lowlands and valleys where there is enough moisture and heat, its quality is determined by hybrid selection, different harvest practices and drying practices. Poledelstvo Erdzelija cultivates – types of corn with an annual yield of -% of the total crop production.


Barley is one of the oldest cereals, that contains a lot of nutrients and thus represents one of the most important cereals. Barley production is multistage, which means barley beans are used to produce bread, beer, and fodder. There are three types of barley: two-sided (for beer production), multicore, and transitional. In its production Poledelstvo Erdzelija cultivates two types of barley: spring and autumn barley. Spring barley is primarily used for the production of — fodder, where even % are targeted at a business unit – animal husbandry. A significant percentage,%, is used for cooling and baking. The Autumn Barley represents% of the total crop production, where% are targeted to the livestock sector.

Production of industrial crops


Besides the production of cereals, Erdzelija also produces industrial crops, which are mostly used for feeding their livestock. Sunflower, triticale, soy and alfalfa are produced as industrial crops.

The large warehouse space enables Poledelstvo Erdzelija to meet the needs of animal feed at national levels in times when small individual facilities are emptied. This management of the farm’s storage capacities makes it possible to use the high prices during a limited supply of fodder and to achieve good business results accordingly.

% of industrial crops are used for animal feed
The production of industrial crops represents -% of the annual production of industrial products in the Republic of Macedonia.
A total of 2.393 tons of industrial crops is produced annually or -% of the total crop production.