Livestock Production

Types of livestock bred

Livestock Production

livestock production 6

Livestock production is an important segment in Erdzelija’s work. From its existence to date, the number of livestock that Erdzelija has grown constantly increases and reaches to more than 350 heads. The livestock delivery capacity consists of an open and closed unit.

The closed unit consists of 4 stables, while the open unit has a capacity of more than 1000 heads. In the closed breeding system, the facilities are equipped with a complementary power and nutrition system.

The open unit comprises of space divided into 5 blocks that allow grouping of the throats based on their sex, age and the biological status of the cows. The open unit is equipped with the necessary conditions for animal welfare.

The best for its livestock

Milking system

In the framework of her livestock production, Erdzelija has a closed milking system that allows milking of 14 heads at the same time. It uses milking equipment (appliances and pumps) and has three custom systems, 2 of which are for a capacity of 30 cows and one for 64 cows. Also, there is a veterinary station in its facilities where it provides the best care for its livestock.

Livestock capacity


The racial structure of the herd of cattle breeding of Poledelstvo Erdzelija consists of 187 cows. There are 4 types of cows : Brown Swiss, Cementalec, Holstajn Friziska and Mixed. Milk production represents % of the total milk production in the Republic of Macedonia and an annual yield of 891.984 liters. For the needs of the meat industry, Erdzelija provides mercury mass from 49 male calves.