Type of production in Poledelstvo Erdzelija



The area of 1600 hectares where Erdzelija performs its activities provides diversity in its production, which is divided into crop and animal production. From crop production, Erdzelija produces cereals and industrial crops.

As cereals that are produced are wheat, corn and barley with total annual production of 3,266 tons, and are part of % of the total cereal production in the Republic of Macedonia.

Industrial crops such as sunflower, alfalfa, triticale and soybean are mainly used for stem feeds with annual production of 2,393 tons, and are part of % of the total production of industrial crops in the Republic of Macedonia.

Erdzelija’s animal production is represented by the breeding of more than 300 heads of cows with main focus of production and distribution of milk. Of the total livestock production, Erdezlija produces — liters of milk and — kg of meat annually.

Crop Production

Poledelstvo Erdzelija based its work on the use of modern technology and extensive experience in the field of crop production.

Livestock Production

Livestock production is an important segment in Erdzelija's work. From its existence to date, the number of livestock constantly increases.