Mechanization, Irrigation, Precision Agriculture



As one of the first corporate farms in Macedonia that uses technology for precision agriculture Poledelstvo Erdzelija strives to maximize business results based on optimization of all available resources, minimize human factor and maintain the sustainability of the environment.

Type of machinery in Erdzelija


In the technology part of operations, the business philosophy of Poledelstvo Erdzelija is constant renewal of the machine circle with the purchase and maintenance of modern machines and connecting machinery. The farm’s fleet includes tractors, couplings and accessories from leading world manufacturers, such as John Deere, Bull Power, Massey Ferguson, Fordm Bellarus, Class, Landini, Zetor, Tafe.

  • Tractors
  • Additional machinery(typhoons, tanners)
  • Trailers
  • Combines
  • Sowing Machines
  • Equipment for spraying and irrigation as well as tanks (fuel and water tank)
Using aircraft for better outcome


The fleet of Erdzelija is aided by two aircraft from the sister company Bonier, which have a particular importance in reducing plant protection costs, but also finds an important part in other operations such as seeding, fertilization, and other.

Type of irrigation in Erdzelija


Out of the total areas of Poledelstvo Erdzelija 500 ha are covered by a central irrigation system provided by Hydro Accumulation. This system is additionally supported by its own irrigation system that provides irrigation flexibility and water supply to individual micro locations. In her own irrigation system, Poledelstvo Erdzelija has the following elements:

  • 7 Typhons for irrigation (4 of type F – 110 300m, 1 of type F – 90 300m,)
  • 2 drop drip irrigation systems
  • Sprayers (440l, 330l)
  • Other additional irrigation equipment
What is Precision Agriculture?

Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture (PA) is a concept of agricultural production that implies the management of functions in a farm based on monitoring, measuring and undertaking activities on the basis of inter-variability in different cultures. The goal of precision agriculture is to define a support system in the decision-making process for the overall management of agricultural holdings in order to maximize business results in terms of optimizing the available resources and maintaining the environment.

As a technology that Erdzelija uses in its work is:

*  Soil analysis on a sample of 5 hectares;

*  GIS and GPS technologies;

*  Monitoring of crops using drones and satellite monitoring;

*  Automatic mechanization management;

*  Defining economic zones and using a variable rate in seeding, fertilization and harvesting;